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Repairing Instruments Training & Education (R.I.T.E.)

Requirements for MSA Authorized Instrument Service Centers

MSA “Certified” Instrument Service Centers must receive authorization from MSA’s Regional and Corporate management and must comply with the following requirements:

  Provide facilities, equipment and competent personnel to meet MSA service standards.

  • Sign-off the MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center Agreement and complete the registration form prior to training being scheduled.
  • Assure that technically qualified personnel successfully complete the MSA Certified Repairing Instruments Training & Education class under the instruction of an MSA-authorized and qualified Instructor.
  • Assure that the required equipment (tools, calibration gases, etc.) is purchased prior to class attendance.
  • Will not appoint or utilize any sub-agent or subcontractor for the purpose of providing service on MSA products.
  • Assign a Program Administrator who shall ensure that:
    • The Service Center complies with MSA’s procedures and recommendations
    • MSA Manuals and support materials are kept current.
    • Maintenance and repair questions are communicated to MSA for resolution.
    • The quality of the ServiceCenter meets or exceeds MSA’s minimum service standards.
    • MSA is notified immediately of any changes regarding the ability of the Service Center to meet the MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center requirements or maintain its status as an MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center.

Important: These requirements will also apply to the addition of any new MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center facilities by the parent company of an existing MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center.