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Stay confident and in control of your electrical environment.

Whether you’re in generation, transmission, distribution, or nuclear, you’ve come to the right place for electrical utilities safety.

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Safe, affordable gas utilities equipment.

On the scene of a gas leak? Working in confined space? Or performing gas line maintenance? MSA has solutions for each environment.

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Products and expertise in telecom safety.

We offer products and expertise that help you get the job done in telecom.

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Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater safety starts here. (You should, too.)

Working in this industry can be tough, and it can be dangerous. We’re here to help keep you safe.

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Talk To Us About Our Utilities Solutions

Navigate the challenges of the ever-changing utility sector without missing a beat.

Utilities Applications:

Confined Space Entry

Keeping you prepared for the unexpected-in any confined space.

Working at Heights

At MSA, we know that fall protection isn't just about stopping falls. It's about mitigating fall risk in the first place.

Turnarounds, Shutdowns, Plant Outages

At MSA, we understand that any turnaround has inherent safety risks. To avoid injury incidents, medical costs, lost man hours, or worse, don't skimp on safety; keep your workers safe.
Free Case Study
How a transmission company met revised osha standards while maintaining worker comfort.
V-FIT™ Safety Harness
Designed for tower climbing, the V-FIT Tower Harness is ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort for long shifts at height through the exclusive racing-style buckle, athletic cut and pull-down adjustment.
Effective & Comfortable Hearing Protection
Employees at risk of hearing loss: what employers can do to help.