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General Monitors - Return Authorization

Return Merchandise Authorization

If you are having a problem with a product from General Monitors that cannot be solved in the field by one of our service technicians, we are ready to assist you promptly. Our service technicians are unsurpassed in the industry. In the event that something has gone wrong with one of our products, we have an outstanding response team with the expertise to repair your instruments in a reliable and timely manner.

  • 95% of our service repairs are repaired and shipped within 3 days.
  • Loaners are available at no charge to the customer while repairs are being made (USA factory)
  • Service technicians are strategically placed worldwide for immediate assistance.
  • All worldwide service technicians are trained at corporate headquarters and must be re-certified every two years to retain their service certification.


Please send an email to for any material returns.

    Please provide the following:
  • First and last name, phone number
  • Company name, street address, city, state
  • Repair PO, model numbers
  • Description of problem(s)