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Our History: MSA Bacharach

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Our History: MSA Bacharach

110 Years of Innovation

Bacharach offers innovative solutions for precision instrumentation that makes HVAC-R safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient. Through over 100 years of innovation, Bacharach is proud to provide customers with clean-tech solutions for gas and refrigerant leak detection, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, and energy management for commercial and industrial applications.

Serving the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) industries by designing, manufacturing and supporting fixed and portable gas detection and monitoring instrumentation, Bacharach enables customers to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, while protecting lives and the environment. Bacharach remains the company professionals turn to for quality products and market expertise.

Bacharach: Pioneers in Combustion Analysis

Bacharach Inc. began operations in 1909 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a family-owned manufacturing business chartered by Hermann Bacharach. The Company’s initial focus was on the development and production of instruments that measure air flow and gas sensing for combustion analysis.

Today, the business has expanded to include a complete line of products that detect, measure and monitor gases with portable and fixed (stationary) instruments. Bacharach’s history is rich with inventions, education, R&D initiatives, patented technologies and corporate acquisitions that have contributed to its current position as a respected industry leader. The timeline below shows the forward progress of the Bacharach history.


Hermann Bacharach starts Business

Hermann Bacharach starts his own business as a provider of air flow meters and gas measuring instruments imported from Germany for local Pittsburgh mines.


Manufacturing Facility in Downtown Pittsburgh

Bacharach Industrial Instrument Company is incorporated and the Company establishes its first manufacturing facility in downtown Pittsburgh.


Rapid Growth & Expansion

Rapid growth continues. Bacharach expands its manufacturing capabilities to include temperature measuring and gas analysis instruments.


Company Sold to Employees

Hermann Bacharach retires and sells the Company to four employees. Diesel test stands were launched.


CO2 Gas Analyzer Developed

Bacharach develops the CO2 Fyrite® Orsat Gas Analyzer which replaces the lab-based Orsat for evaluating combustion efficiency. The Fyrite® “Classic” is still used today by many customers.


Products Added to Diesel and Heating Service Lines

A number of products are added to both diesel and heating service lines establishing Bacharach as a world leader in measurement instruments.


Smoke Tester Developed with Shell Oil

In conjunction with Shell Oil Co., the True Spot® smoke tester is developed


Bacharach Becomes Publicly Traded Company

Bacharach was first traded on the stock exchange


Bacharach Acquires Johnson-Williams

As a complement to its respected diesel and heating service lines, Bacharach acquires Johnson-Williams, a leading manufacturer of both portable instruments and continuous monitoring systems for combustible and toxic gases.


Bacharach Purchased by AMBAC Industries, Inc.

Bacharach was purchased by AMBAC Industries, Inc., a diversified, technically oriented company involved in diesel fuel systems and industrial safety.


Bacharach Develops Gas Detectors for Mining Industry

Bacharach developed one of the first portable gas detectors for the mining industry – the “Canary” as well as fixed gas detectors, indicators and alarms, marketed as the “Sentinel.”


Leadership Shift to United Technologies Automotive Group

Leadership shifts to United Technologies Automotive Group. Bacharach’s broad range of products serves many markets including industrial, automotive, chemical and mining.


Bacharach Develop Portable Electronic Combustion Analyzers

Bacharach engineers develop the CA1, one of the first portable electronic combustion analyzers.


Former Executive from United Technologies Purchases Bacharach

Bacharach was purchased by Paul Zito, a former Vice President from United Technologies.


Bacharach Acquires GMD Systems

Bacharach acquires GMD Systems, a leading producer of paper tape technology for the detection of acutely toxic gases.


Multiple Patents Assigned to Bacharach

Patents are assigned to Bacharach for multiple gas detection instruments, including a selectable gas detector – sold as the Sniffer® 514M, a dual-sensor leak detector – marketed as the Informant® and halogen sensor technology used in the Tru Point® handheld leak detector.


Joint Venture Projects Launched

Bacharach partnered with Scott Safety (a Tyco company) and GRI on joint venture projects.


Heated Diode Technology Acquired

Bacharach purchased heated diode technology from Yokogawa Corporation of America. and developed sensors for combustible gases


Optics Technology Patented

Bacharach acquired Janos Technology, patented optics technology used in Bacharach NDIR-based products, and launched HGM-300 refrigerant leak monitor (fixed).


PNC Equity Acquires Bacharach

PNC Equity acquires Bacharach under Incline Equity management.


Sensor Exchange Program Introduced

Bacharach introduced industry-unique B-Smart® sensor exchange program for the new INSIGHT® combustion analyzer.


Fixed Gas Detection

The acquisition of the Murco Gas Detection Solutions in Ireland extends precision monitoring instruments in refrigeration.


New Residential & Commercial Combustion Analyzers Launched

Bacharach launched new residential / commercial combustion analyzers – INSIGHT® Plus and InTech®.


IR-based Fixed Gas Detection Line Launched

Bacharach launched a new proprietary IR-based fixed gas detection line, MGS-250.


Bacharach Launches Tune-Rite™ Troubleshooting Software (Patent Pending)

Bacharach launches Tune-Rite® troubleshooting software for the INSIGHT® Plus combustion analyzer, making it one of the industry’s most popular contractor tools.


FFL Partners Acquires Bacharach

FFL Partners adds Bacharach to its portfolio through a strategic acquisition.


Data Management & Energy Solutions

Bacharach acquires Parasense gaining locations in Virginia and England, while procuring data management solutions, stationary and portable gas instrumentation and energy management for refrigeration product lines.


Refrigerant Identification & Analysis

Bacharach acquires Neutronics, in Exton, PA for sensor technology and refrigeration gas analysis and identification products.


MSA Safety Acquires Bacharach

Global safety equipment manufacturer, MSA Safety Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of Bacharach, Inc. Two great companies, both helping to keep people, places, and our planet safe for 100+ years, are now united in our pursuit of safety. Learn more