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HVAC Gas Detection & Analysis

HVAC Gas Detection & Analysis, Refrigerant Analysis,
and Oxygen Analysis

Analysis Solutions:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial: Boilers, Furnaces and Engines

Bacharach provides solutions for boiler, furnace, and engine gas safety assessments and combustion efficiency. Applications include residential, commercial, and industrial. Which tool is right for you? Let’s help you decide.

Residential HVAC Leak Detectors

Residential HVAC technicians know the value of a reliable, sensitive leak detector for finding refrigerant and combustible gas leaks. Bacharach offers a variety of leak detectors including the industry’s only true dual-gas model.

Gas Analysis for Residential Air Conditioning (A/C)

Refrigerant analyzers provide the protection for the technician and the confidence that refrigerant contamination will not affect the integrity of your service and ensure optimization of the HVACR system.

Warehouses and Loading Docks

Explore fixed gas detection systems specifically for loading docks and warehouses that are not only dependable but are scalable to suit your needs.