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GX2 Firmware v1.11.0185 can be downloaded in two ways, depending on whether or not the test stands are networked.

Networked Test Stands - Rapid Upgrading
The Galaxy GX2 Firmware Upgrade tool can be used on test stands to upgrade the firmware on all test stands on the network, simultaneously, without dismantling the test stand connections in the bank.

You will be required to enter the IP address of each test stand. After upgrading, you will have to cycle power on each test stand to complete the process.

1. Click "Rapid Upgrade"
2. Unzip the folder and open the application file
3. See the GALAXY GX2 FTP Update Tool Read Me.pdf for complete instructions

Stand-Alone Test Stands and Manual Upgrading
The Digital Secure Key (Part Number 10123937) can upgrade any test stand, and is required for upgrading test stands that are not networked.

This process requires that the test stand USB port be accessible by disconnecting adjacent test stands.

Existing keys can be updated by downloading the following file entitled "" and overwriting the file on the Digital Secure Key.

Other USB keys cannot be used to upgrade the GX2 firmware.

1. Click "Manual Upgrade" below and save to your desktop. Right click the file, and select Extract All
2. Insert Digital Secure Key into your computer's USB drive
3. Delete folder folder "GX2" on you Digital Secure Key.
4. Copy the "GX2" folder from GALAXY_GX2_Manual_Upgrade_vX.XX.XXX to the Digital Secure Key
5. Securely remove the Digital Secure Key from the computer's USB port
6. Insert the Digital Secure Key into the USB port of the GX2
7. Cycle power on that GX2 test stand
8. If updating multiple test stands in the bank, disconnect adjacent test stands to give access to the USB port and repeat 6&7
9. Check that each firmware upgrade was successful by touching the "MSA" logo on the home screen. The new version will appear next to "Application"

Thank you for your continued interest in MSA products.  If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact MSA Customer Service at 1-800-672-2222.