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Simplified Fall Protection Solutions

With the number of brands and styles of safety products in the marketplace on the rise, many organisations have more options for equipment than before and do not have the proper knowledge on how to choose the right safety equipment for the right application and safely use them.

For example, some organisations might end up buying five harnesses for five different applications, when one harness could work for all five situations.

What if you could ensure worker safety with the best fit products on the market?

By working with us, you are able to create a comprehensive fall protection plan that stays on top of changes in standards and product complexity, keeping your workers safe.

What MSA can do differently?

With MSA, you can ensure worker safety with the best fit products on the market. That means you can integrate products with not only self-rescue features, but with assisted rescue options as well.
Integrate rescue into your PFA system with Personal Rescue Device
Keep workers safe by limiting the distance they can fall with Personal Fall Limiter
Boost worker morale with best-fit products with Evotech Harness
Minimise the time equipment is in repair with Field Serviceable Self Retracting Lifelines
Latchways Personal Rescue Device®
V-TEC™ Personal Fall Limiter
Gravity® Suspension Harness
V-TEC™ Self-Retracting Lifeline

Hierarchy of Fall Protection

Eliminate the Risk

Avoid working at height where possible or locate plant and equipment in safe locations where there's no risk of a fall. After all, if you're not at height, gravity has much less pull.

Guard the Hazard

When working at height is essential, ensure that workers aren't exposed to unnecessary risks by providing a parapet or safety rail (such as MSA's Latchways VersiRail) to eliminate fall hazards.

Protect the worker

If it's not possible to eliminate the risk of falling, use the appropriate fall protection system to help minimize the consequences of a fall. This is achievable through either a fall arrest or fall restraint system.

Our expert team don’t just understand your work-at-height hazards; we can also provide a complete fall protection system layout for your project along with a full range of complementary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).