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The MSAsafety app supports mobile devices using the following operating systems (as of 6/2021):

  • iOS 12.0 and newer
  • Android 5.0 and newer

Anyone can use the app to browse MSA products and supporting media.

Authorized MSA channel partners get access to additional features by using their shopMSA username and password.

If you encounter the following errors while signing in, verify your username and password on shopMSA, and reset if necessary.

  • For Android, "Sign In Failed. Your username or password is invalid"
  • For iOS, "Sign In Failed. Timeout has occurred"

If you encounter an error while trying to access multiple accounts on the same device within a short period of time, clear your session as directed below.

  • For Android, clear data and cache under Device Settings > Apps > MSAsafety > Storage
  • For iOS, restart the device
  • Enable/disable Device Notifications under Device Settings (ie. Settings > Notifications)
  • Enable/disable In-App Notifications in the MSAsafety app under Menu > Settings

Feedback from our valued customers will shape future updates to the MSAsafety app!

  • Feature Requests
  • Bug Reports
  • Product Catalog Issues
  • Media Issues (PDFs, Videos, etc)
  • Or anything else!

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Please contact MSA customer service with any other questions or comments about the MSAsafety app.

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