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Minimise Downtime with Field Serviceable SRL

Not every Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) gives you the privilege of ZERO calibration / adjustment requirements and a COMPLETE field-serviceable advantage.

The V-TEC™ SRL, which incorporates the precision-made spring Radial Energy Absorber, requires zero calibration or adjustment. The premium stainless steel components and innovative engineering of the smartest SRL means it is built to last.
Minimise the critical equipment downtime now with the worlds smartest SRL and be able to replace the cable, energy absorber and retraction dampener on site!

Watch MSA V-TEC™ SRL: Premium Components & Innovative Engineering
Control cable retraction speeds and prevent pre-mature and accidental load indicator deployment with the retraction dampening feature.

Watch MSA V-TEC™ SRL: Introducing Retraction Dampening Technology
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We are scientific in our processes, innovative in our designs, uncompromising in our selection of materials and deliver unparalleled quality.
V-TEC™ Self-Retracting Lifeline

A. Easy Transportation
Carry handle included

B. Assured Safety
Spring radial energy absorbing technology requires zero calibration or adjustment

C. Downtime Minimised
The cable, energy absorber and retraction dampener can all be replaced on site

Spring Radial Energy Absorber
The world’s first self-retracting lifeline with multiple spring radial energy absorbing technology

- Integral energy absorber
- Requires zero recalibration or adjustment
- Completely sealed from external contaminants
- Manufactured from lightweight stainless steel