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Finally, the convenience you’ve been waiting for is here. With FieldServer home automation gateways, your wish is at the push of a button, the tap of your mobile device, or the press of a touch panel. We can even enable a series of invisible technologies to control temperature, sound, doors, window blinds, alarms, and more. To automate your luxury home, the only specifications we need are yours.


Lets you power and manage all the connected devices in your home – even those presumably incompatible or hard-to-interface.


Makes luxury living what it should be: harmonious, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated into the aesthetic of your home.


Allows you to create a high-tech, connected home that’s both energy efficient and comfortable.

MSA FieldServer solutions help enable connected homes by ensuring that homeowners can monitor and control devices, support energy monitoring by moving energy data to a SCADA system for visualization and reporting, and providing reporting by moving energy data into cloud and local analytics systems.

Luxury Residential Automation Solutions

Residential Automation Case Studies

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