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Engineered Systems for Roofing Fall Protection

Roof Fall Protection Solutions

MSA’s Latchways® roofing solutions are compatible with all major roof constructions


Keeping users and roofs safe

As the world leaders in fall protection—and with an overarching importance on user safety—MSA has always believed in testing not only to the standard but above and beyond it, which lead to the development of the Constant Force® technology.

Different from any other solution available in the market, the Constant Force® technology absorbs the load generated in the event of a fall, minimizing loads placed on the roof structure, and therefore keeping users and roofs safe at all times.

Constant Force coil controls the load

Forces applied

Topples and absorbs energy

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Engineering Excellence

All MSA Latchways systems are manufactured to the highest international standards, pass rigorous in-house testing, and undergo external verification to ensure they meet or exceed relevant industry standards. All products are specifically designed for use in the latest structural designs and have a proven track record off safety and reliability – even in the most extreme environments.

Backed by roofing manufacturers

Backed by Roofing Manufacturers

MSA has tested the Latchways system on over 500 roof types (with between 6-10 tests on each!), each backed by Manufacturer Approval Letters. The manufacturer approval ensures that the installation of a Constant Force post system will neither compromise the integrity of the roof, nor the guarantee given by the Roofing Manufacturer.

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Easy and quick installation

Whether installed on standing-seam roofing, corrugated metal decking, or single ply roofing, the simplicity and the limited amount of components required allows for quick and easy installation, providing safe solutions to workers at height.

Low cost of ownership icon

Low cost of ownership

Because longevity is on top of our mind, all our components are made of materials that have been chosen to give maximum corrosion resistance, so minimum maintenance is required over the years even in the harshest environments.

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Safe and smooth

The ingenious design of the Latchways Transfastener™ attachment device allows continuous smooth movement along the lifeline by rotating its way through intermediate cable supports, keeping users continuously attached to the system and therefore eliminating the risk of human errors.

Free design specifications icon

Free design and specification

The MSA team can design the ideal fall protection system layout for your project and provide comprehensive support and advice. Our BIM models are also available, so you can easily integrate the system into your specifications.

Screenshot from the MSA Building & Maintenance interactive model

See how the Constant Force Posts can be combined with our Vertical Fall Protection Systems, Guardrails and Rooftop Walkways to provide a complete Roofing Fall Protection Solution.

These models are strictly for illustrative purposes only. They do not necessarily represent exact products, use of products, or situations, and MSA makes no representations with respect thereto. MSA shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any nature (including consequential loss or damage) suffered or incurred, directly or indirectly, resulting from the access to or use of the interactive models by any person(s).

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