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Repair Services - Thermal Imaging Cameras


Requests for estimate of repair will be subject to a $175 minimum service charge, if you decide not to proceed with repair or replacement.


Repair Policy

  • MSA will service thermal imaging cameras after the end of the product life cycle for no less than 3 years.
  • All used items being returned must be cleaned, sanitized, or decontaminated as necessary to minimize the possibility of MSA employee exposure to health hazards in handling such material. All applicable laws and regulations apply. MSA reserves the right to return unsanitary product un-repaired at your expense.


Service Warranty

After repair, your unit is calibrated to original factory specifications and is warranted against defects and workmanship of items repaired for 90 days. Disposable items such as fuses, lamps, non-rechargeable batteries, etc., are not warranted.



  • Repair Status: 1-800-672-4678. Press 2, then 3.
  • General Inquiries: 1-877-672-3473 (Fire Service)


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