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Guidelines for Working at Height


  • Where possible, the workspace should be redesigned to minimise the need for people to work at height
  • If working at height cannot be avoided, undertake the work using passive fall protection systems like temporary hand rails
  • Use a work positioning/restraint system to prevent the user reaching a potential hazard
  • Undertake the work using appropriate fall-arrest equipment to minimise the distance and force if a fall should occur


Remember: You must ensure that the control measures implemented are effective, suitable for the nature and duration of the work and are installed and used correctly. Fall Protection is not all about choosing the most suitable equipment, it also comprises of the proper setâ€Âup and safe use of it together with the equipment & hazard recognition training.

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MSA's Fall Protection Solutions

MSA has been delivering safety at height solutions since 1930. Today it is a market leader in the development of innovative fall protection products. Our fall protection equipment enables you to work horizontally, vertically, along inclines, overhead and also in confined space. You can be sure that MSA's fall protection solutions meet your daily personal protection needs.

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