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New Generation Point Detector - ULTIMA® X5000 Gas Monitor

Years ahead of its time,
not to mention its competition.
Introducing the new ULTIMA X5000 gas monitor. Featuring a full text display in 9 languages and touch interface for tool-free operation, the ULTIMA X5000 puts your vital data at your fingertips. Welcome to the future of gas detection.
The new face of gas detection.
The ULTIMA X5000 features a new design equipped with an Organic LED (OLED) display and bright status LED’s for extreme visibility. The gas monitor employs Green, Yellow and Red LED’s to signal normal, fault and alarm conditions.
2 sensors. 1 transmitter. 0 compromises.
Dual sensing technology doubles the sensing power with half of the footprint of a single gas transmitter. Sensors can be remotely mounted, mixed and matched to suit your gas detection needs.
Stay Connected. Work Smarter.
Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to use your mobile device as an HMI screen and controller. The X/S Connect App is designed with high security standards and provides real-time information to your mobile device. Reduces setup time by at least 50%.
Recalibrate your expectations.
MSA’s patented XCell® sensors with TruCal® technology, extends calibration cycles up to 18 months. TruCal technology actively monitors the sensor integrity and compensates for environmental factors that cause regular electrochemical sensors to drift, allowing calibration cycles to be extended well beyond industry standards. TruCal can greatly reduce downtime and provides peace of mind.
TruCal Technology
Longer calibration cyclesBetter stability
Worry-free operation; automatically self-checks 4x/day
Monitors effects of time and the environment
Touch Controls
Our tool-free number.
An industry first, a touch-button interface for an intuitive user experience. The ULTIMA X5000 is completely tool-free, never use a magnet or controller again.
Stands out. But still fits in.
An easy retrofit of the ULTIMA X5000 is possible because it shares the exact mounting footprint as the ULTIMA X, making installation simple using the existing conduit and wiring as well as an integral mounting bracket.
Ready to experience the future of gas detection?
Request a demo to experience the ULTIMA X5000’s advanced capabilities firsthand.
Safety. In Numbers.
MSA and General Monitors have been protecting people and facilities for over 100 years. Together we bring you an unrivaled range of gas detectors and flame detectors. We don’t just make sensors, we invent sensing technology.