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高压快充无需更换气瓶即可直接充气。 一分钟内就能完成一个6.8L气瓶的充填。 空气从高压流向低压,不会产生温度变化,无需冷却。

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T-piece 156/300bar,f.6/6.8lco.cyl.

Length: 146.000 MM (5.748 IN)
Width: 54.000 MM (2.126 IN)
Height: 58.000 MM (2.283 IN)
Weight: 0.450 KG (0.992 LB)
  • 快速充气功能可以减少气瓶更换频率,缩短应急响应时间,提高效率。
Markets: 消防服务, 一般工业, 石油和天然气, 公共设施
  • Protective Cover and Transport Case: Available in black with reflective printing or black with yellow
  • RespiHood: air supply of 50 lpm with medium pressure of 7 bar; available in standard with medium pressure couplings or nipple for Staeubli-type couplings
  • RIT Bag: constructed of PAX®-Dura; accommodates one 6-, 6.8- or 9-liter cylinder; <6kg

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