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These high quality chemical goggles protect against all types of chemical, liquid and metal splash as well as coarse dust. Ideal for laboratory work, chemical handling, and stone dressing. Can be worn comfortably with prescription glasses or alone. Indirect venting permits proper air circulation while protecting against chemical or dust entry.
  • 柔软的镜框贴合面部;
  • 2.7cm超宽头带,使佩戴稳固安全;
  • 镜片防雾防刮,可阻挡99.9%的紫外线;
  • 带间接透气孔,既透气又能有效阻挡化学飞溅物;
  • 镜片可轻松装卸,更换方便。
Markets: 建筑, 石油和天然气, 一般工业, 采矿业

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产品符合ANSI Z87.1和EN 166标准